Arango Specialty Coffee | 30 – FINCA EL EDÉN – FRANCISCO GIRALDO
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Country : Colombia
Region: Antioquia
Locality: Ituango
Altitude: 1800 – 1900 meters
Process: Fully Washed, Sun – Dried
Position: Spot Continental Terminal New Jersey


We are now in our third year working with Finca El Eden and are proud of what we have accomplished so far. Francisco planted 800 trees of the Gesha varietal three years ago and we are expecting production early next year. We also experimented with a Natural process coffee from Finca El Eden this year and had great success. The coffee was delicious and the whole lot was sold before it arrived to the USA.

Francisco grew up growing coffee alongside his father. He chose to continue the legacy at El Eden after his father passed away. However, his commitment to the coffee was tested in 2009. Franco fell victim to a landmine. Lucky to escape with his life, he lost one eye as well as his sense of taste and smell. However, his dedication to his coffee never faltered. Now he sees our project as an opportunity to improve the quality of life of his family.


The Cup:

Honey, molasses, sugarcane, lime, green tea.