• Farm: Las Palmeras
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Antioquia
  • Locality: Concordia
  • Elevation: 2,100 meters
  • Varietals: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra, 
  • Process: Washed, sun-dried
  • Position: Sold out


Born into a coffee family, Carlos Correa began accompanying his father on the farm as soon as he could walk. It was not long before he was helping pick cherries, turning beans in the drying beds, and pruning older trees. This lifetime of experience made it an easy choice when he was presented the opportunity to purchase Finca Las Palmeras six years ago.

Coming full circle, he now lives at Las Palmeras with his wife, Luz Teresa, and their 6 six children. The whole family works on the farm where they grow both Castillo and Chinchina varietals. The 7,000 coffee trees are of various ages so even with the pruning cycles, they will have plants yielding cherries for every harvest. The children also have their own nursery where they are planning to plant 4,000 more trees so they can add the Caturra and Chiroso varietals to the farm as well.

Carlos is not afraid to speak candidly about the coffee business. He believes coffee is a good option for a small land owner as other options, such as raising cattle, require much more acreage. However, relying solely on coffee to support the family, he does not always have money left over for improvements to the farm. Currently, he is saving to upgrade the wet beneficio at Las Palmeras and we are hoping to help. With our quality driven pricing and pre-harvest financing, Carlos Mario will have a more stable and predictable cash flow which will take pressure off the day to day living and allow him to budget for both the family and improvements to the farm.



Bright, honey, cocoa nibs, berry.