• Farm: Bodegas
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Nariño
  • Locality: San Pedro de Cartago
  • Elevation: 1,750 meters
  • Varietals: Colombia, Castillo
  • Process: Washed, sun-dried
  • Position: Under contract


Edwin has worked with coffee all his life, originally learning to the trade from his father. After his father passed away, he inherited part of his land and continued growing coffee. Edwin knows first hand the hard work and dedication that coffee demands and believes the low coffee prices do not fairly compensate for them. He sees great opportunity in developing direct trades relationships that recognize the quality of the coffee he is producing. 

Even with tight margins, Edwin still wants to improve his drying bed installations. We are hopeful that the money he gets as a premium for his coffee will be able to finance this project.

Edwin lives with his wife Blastenia, his son Jaider and his daughter Graicy at Bodegas. He wants to continue the legacy that his father left him, and is now teaching his son the best practices for improving quality. He is hopeful that the evolution of the specialty coffee market will provide some stability for the future generations of coffee growers.



Cherry, honey, tamarind, bright, complex