• Farm: Bellavista
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Nariño
  • Locality: La Union
  • Elevation: 1,990 meters
  • Varietals: Colombia, Castillo
  • Process: Washed, sun-dried
  • Position: Under contract


Fabio Santacruz has been a farmer his entire life. First, he started cultivating «fique» which is the material from which the burlap bags used to store and transport coffee are made. Then he started the transition towards cultivating different varieties of coffee like comun and caturra. The conversion was certainly successful as Fabio has participated in regional coffee competitions for the last four years and has been recognized by several different entities for the quality he produces.

Speaking from his experience, Fabio knows that producing high quality coffee is more expensive, but he is not afraid of investing time and resources to get the best quality as long as the final price recognizes all his efforts. This is what makes developing relationships critical. He is happy to take the time to produce a superior coffee if he knows he can get it to the right customer.

Fabio understands that the coffee industry is ever evolving. While he hopes his two children will continue his coffee legacy at some point, he expects that they will probably do it differently than a typical coffee grower does now. As a result, he believes providing an education is the best thing he can do for his kids and his oldest son is currently going to college at the Universidad de Nariño in Pasto. Fabio believes following your passion leads to success, so happily encourages his children down whatever path they choose.



Honey, apricot, milk chocolate, juicy