Arango Specialty Coffee | 47 – FINCA BELLAVISTA – RUBIO SANTACRUZ
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Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Union

Altitud: 1700 masl

Process: Washed – Sun dried

Position: SOLD OUT


Bellavista is a two and a half hectares farm with 4,000 coffee trees. After inheriting the farm from his father, Rubio now lives there with his wife Adriana. He is passionate about coffee and believes attention to detail is the key to producing a high quality product. Rubio considers Bellavista to be the perfect size- not too big, not too small- allowing him to maintain the property and harvest the coffee to his high standards.

Rubio’s major complaint about being a coffee grower is the low price he gets for his coffee when he sells it to The Colombian Federation or the Coop combined the increasing cost of production year after year. He is shifting his focus to specialty coffee and believes he can continue to improve the quality of his coffee if he is paid a better price for his product. This will allow him to improve his installations, ultimately improving not only quality but also his efficiency.



Honey, lime, nutty, chocolate, silky body.