Arango Specialty Coffee | 42 – FINCA LA JOYA – JUAN BRAVO
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Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Union

Altitude: 1,750 masl

Process: Washed – Sun dried

Position: SPOT


At only 22 years old, Juan is the youngest producer we work with. He is very proud of his profession as he feels he is following in his father’s footsteps. Juan is aware that not many people his age want to keep working with coffee as a majority of them opting to move away from rural areas in search of new opportunities. Juan, on the other hand, asked for his father’s support to keep growing coffee.

Juan’s passion for coffee is evident in everything he does. Committed to improving quality year over year, he is already planning the addition of another parabolic drying bed. He also understands the positive affect this will have on his community- the specialty coffee market allows him to pay higher wages to the coffee pickers for carefully selecting only ripe cherries. He is hopeful that this commitment will help to develop long term relationships with roasters which, in turn, will bring a great opportunity for growth and improved profitability.


Honey, cherry, brown sugar, citric, molasses.