Arango Specialty Coffee | 20 – FINCA EL AGUACATE – RAUL BADOS
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Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Union

Altitude: 1810 masl

Process: Washed – Sun dried

Position: SOLD OUT


Raul has worked with coffee for 20 years and calls El Aguacate home with his wife, Mariela, and their two children. While he enjoys his life on the farm, he wants to give his kids an education, an opportunity he never had. Currently, his daughter Catherine, 21, is in college at the University of Nariño and Richard, 16, is in high school. While he would welcome either of them at the farm, he knows the younger generations are hesitant to pursue a career where the profit margins are so low or  can even be negative.

For now, Raul works hard tending to his 4,500 trees of the colombia and castillo varieties. He is continually trying to improve quality and foster a profitable business. His short term focus is supporting his family and his long term goal is creating a profitable business so his children might continue the legacy.



Berries, honey, molasses, creamy, round body.