Arango Specialty Coffee | 21 – FINCA FRANDES – RODRIGO NARVAEZ
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Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Uníon

Altitude: 1800 masl

Process: Washed- sun dried

Position: Spot Continental New Jersey


Rodrigo, his wife, and their four children call Frandes home. After decades in the industry, Rodrigo will be the first to tell you that the life of a coffee farmer is very difficult due to the labor intensive crop and low market prices. As a result, he has decided to focus on specialty coffee. This way he can spend his time better managing smaller quantities of coffee. He has already reduced his size by giving each of his children a small area of Frandes to begin their own coffee growing business. He is optimistic that this will allow everyone to produce at a higher quality and therefore lead to a sustainable lifestyle.


The Cup:

Chocolate, orange aroma. Honey, orange flavor. Citric acidity. Medium body. Sugarcane finish.