Arango Specialty Coffee | 25 – FINCA EL CAJÓN – CARLOS CASTILLO
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Country: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Locality: La Uníon

Altitude: 1,950 masl

Process: Washed- Sun dried

Position: Contracted ETA October 2019


El Cajón is home to Carlos, his wife, Rosa, and their three children. The whole family is involved in the farm and loves to grow coffee. A testament to their hard work and dedication, El Cajón has grown slowly from a small plot of land to what it is today. With all they have invested in the coffee industry, the family has decided to focus on the quality of their coffee in an effort to achieve some sustainability. They have started working with the geisha variety of coffee and are planning improvements to the farm including a new storage area and a new wet mill.


The Cup:

Stone fruit, cherry, honey, molasses.