Arango Specialty Coffee | 27 – FINCA EL RETORNO – FLOR ZAPATA
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Country: Colombia

Region: Antioquia

Locality: Girardota

Altitude: 2,200 masl

Process: Washed- Sun dried

Varietals: Castillo

Position: SOLD OUT


El Retorno has been home to Flor and her husband Joaquín for twenty years. They now work the farm with their three children. For many years, they were under the impression that the high elevation of 2,200 meters above sea level was not conducive to coffee. After learning about neighboring farms with good yields on production, Flor decided to give coffee a try 5 years ago.

At just two hectares, El Retorno is a small enough farm that the family can manage all the stages of production themselves. This allows for the quality control necessary to produce specialty coffee. They also have long term plans in effect to improve their beneficios for washing the coffee and build new drying beds.

We believe that the location of the farm, the fertility of the soil, and the commitment of the family are the perfect ingredients for a bright future. We are excited to bring this small farm onto the specialty coffee stage.


The Cup:

Balanced with notes of blueberry, lemon grass, floral.